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In a constantly changing landscape, customers are expecting new innovative services from the insurance sector with easy access to technology solutions and simple ways to report, track & trace a claim and communicate about its status and take-out unnecessary costs, delays and service dissatisfactions. CCN’s philosophy is to support clients in controlling and mitigating the total cost of claims with a platform that allows for fast, easy and simple claim handling.



‘Your Claim, Our Care’

23 February 2021
 Full Year 2020 Performance: Resilient progress in a challenging environment  Our annual performance after an extraordinary year, that turned our world upside down and forced us to work from kitchens, living rooms and basements to serve our customers and run our business, remained robust and

CCN – Groupama success story on Travel Insurance

20 October 2020
In February 2020, Claims Corporation Network’s (CCN) has entered into a partnership with Groupama Asigurari, in order to support the insurer claim back some of its expenses, related to its travel insurance policies.  CCN, via its daughter company FlightClaimEU, analyzes

“Insurance is a beautiful thing” FRISS just launched their new campaign

6 October 2020
CCN and FRISS have been partners for years now and the new campaign once again shows that both companies share the same mentality. Going in line with the global technological progress and keeping up with the transnational exchange of goods and advancements, both companies feel the need to spread
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CCN To Support Fraud Detection and Subrogation Initiatives!

17 September 2020
Claims Corporation Network (CCN) and eviid have entered into a partnership in order to support insurance companies and fleet-owners with a capability to reduce bogus (false), or unsubstantiated claims through the use of real time digital imagery allowing detection of manipulated digital media.
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First Half Year 2020 Performance Release

2 September 2020
 As for most companies, Covid-19 has left a mark on CCN’s results as well. The COVID-19 crisis caused one of the most severe economic and financial market turmoil’s and while financial markets have rallied in the second quarter of 2020, the economic recovery remains fragile. However, the
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Travel update Corona virus

27 March 2020
 The travel industry has been highly affected by the Corona virus (COVID-19), as several borders within the European Union are closed and many flights are cancelled. Therefore, it is understandable that questions arise at travellers that maintain a flight reservation in the near future.