Acoat Selected

AkzoNobel's International Body Shop Network

Acoat Selected is AkzoNobel’s business development program for our customers.

As a member of Acoat Selected, you’ll benefit from recognition as a certified excellent shop. We actively help Acoat Selected members to create a sustainable business ― to expand their customer base and achieve higher profits. AkzoNobel offers you vast expertise, including:

   factual knowledge on international and local market trends
   design and optimization of facilities
   repair process improvement programs
   effective marketing through print, internet and other media
   tracking customer satisfaction and other key indicators
   sharing best practices in live events and on the web
   training for technical and other personnel

Insurance companies, vehicle owners, fleet administrators and other work providers trust Acoat Selected shops. With the support of AkzoNobel, a world leader in vehicle refinish, your business will achieve excellence that customers recognize and return to.

Tip Trailer Services

Trailermade Solutions

At TIP Trailer Services, with more than 70 branches located throughout 16 countries, we provide a range of services for transportation and logistics customers. Our services include everything from specifying and sourcing of equipment to financing, daily operations, maintenance and repair as well as the buying and selling of used assets.

As a customer of TIP, you need only to deal with one service partner, simplifying your fleet management and enabling you to focus on your core business activities. We are a pan European provider of these services and work independently from equipment manufacturers and banks, and that allows us to find the best possible solution to any transport-related need you may have.


Octo telematics

The integration of Octo’s telematics services and specifically crash detection and reconstruction technology into the CCN claims management service will create a complete end-to-end solution. This will provide an enhanced efficiency to insurance companies and an improved experience for their clients. The actionable intelligence provided by Octo, together with the expertise of CCN, will enable insurers to further reduce the total cost of claims and mitigate the risk of fraudulent claims.


Fraud, risk & compliance

FRISS is the leading expert in the field of fraud, risk & compliance for the insurance industry. FRISS has a unique global footprint with 100+ implementations in over 14countries. Industry analysts have recognized FRISS as the market leader concerning fraud and risk solutions for non-life insurance companies. Their aim is to expand this leadership by sustaining focus and dedication in this field.

NTT DATA Figtree Systems

IT Solutions

Being active in more than 50 countries, NTT DATA possesses 30 years of IT business innovation experience that they actively use to help companies make the most of their processes by providing forward-thinking IT solutions worldwide. Their international team of 120 000 employees is ever-expanding with their dynamically growing business through acquisition and expansion.

NTT DATA Figtree Systems develops, integrates and maintains Figtree Systems, a specialized, modular IT toolbox to handle asset management and insurance corporate processes. Its insurance claims management functionality forms an integral part of CNN’s workflow. They also provide risk management, OHS and fleet management software solutions, which are also relevant to CCN’s business.



Being one of the largest, best known car rental service providers, Enterprise is in the unique position to innovate an otherwise conventional type of business. Their principles encourage them to incorporate sustainable solutions, innovative thinking and strong family values in their corporate culture using this leverage.

Managing a global fleet of almost 2 million vehicles across 85 countries, Enterprise represents a truly cross-border business, matching CCN’s operational strategy. As a partner of Enterprise, CCN can rely on a truly innovative and reliable fleet management service.