2023 – A Year of Consolidation and Growth

By CCN 5 months ago

In 2023, the network experienced a year of significant growth and consolidation. As we reflect on the successes of 2023, we look forward to building on these achievements and continuing to drive growth and innovation within our network.

The acquisition of Coris UK at the beginning of the year was a strategic move that strengthened the group’s position in the competitive UK market. This acquisition not only expanded the network’s reach but also led to some notable client gains for Coris UK, setting the stage for further success in the future.

Shortly after the acquisition, Charlotte Nolsoe Gottler was appointed as the General Manager of CCN Denmark. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, her appointment played a crucial role in consolidating CCN’s presence in Scandinavia. Her leadership and strategic vision have helped propel CCN Denmark to new heights, paving the way for continued growth and success in the region.

Meanwhile, CCN Insurance Services AG in Germany had a successful year, receiving the prestigious ‘Servicestark’ claims service provider award. This recognition not only validated their commitment to excellence but also fueled their Business Development plans for 2024. The launch of a new international health insurance solutions service, International Health Care EU, further showcased their dedication to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients, particularly expatriates and individuals seeking tailored insurance options when they are abroad.

The network’s offices in the Netherlands, Poland, and Romania also saw steady growth throughout the year, with a focus on expanding their client base and enhancing support for the wider network. These offices played a vital role in strengthening the network’s presence in key European markets and contributed to its overall success in 2023.

One of the standout achievements of the year was the success of Flight Claim EU under the leadership of Ramona Colea. Building on this success, the group expanded its services into Germany with the creation of FlyPax in collaboration with CCN Insurance Services. This strategic move is expected to drive significant growth for both entities in 2024 and beyond, solidifying their position as industry leaders in claims and travel services.

Throughout 2023, the network actively participated in various conferences such as ITIC, Uniglobal, Insurance Innovators, and IETL. These events provided valuable networking opportunities and insights into industry trends that will inform their strategies moving forward. Looking ahead to 2024, the network has plans to speak at sponsored events in Munich and Lisbon for key claims and travel industry conferences, further showcasing their expertise and thought leadership within the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress in our upcoming newsletters.

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