CCN Group strengthens its strategic position by acquiring APRIL Deutschland

By CCN 2 years ago

Astrea, an MGA brand of the Claims Corporation Network (CCN) Group has acquired APRIL Deutschland AG from the French APRIL SAS of Lyon. This acquisition has been made to strengthen CCN’s core business lines, which include third-party administration (TPA), MGA and insurance services. 

CCN’s Group CEO Mr. Cees WERFF says, “In 2020 we began to diversify our services into underwriting under the flag of Astrea. The brand was successfully introduced to distribute and write niche business in Denmark. In view of this success, we wish to rapidly expand our insurance distribution capabilities to the rest of Europe. As APRIL Deutschland is both an established insurance intermediary and TPA in the field of income protection and loan insurance products, as well as a TPA for Green Card and Fourth Directive business, our services are highly complementary. The acquisition enables CCN to further its ambitions in the German market.” 

APRIL Deutschland is currently in the process of rebranding to Astrea. Mr. WERFF stresses, “This will not affect the company’s clients in any way, except that they could benefit from a wider offering in the near future.” 

“CCN Group has demonstrated a genuine interest in acquiring APRIL Deutschland. Their combined know-how in the fields of TPA, including cross-border MTPL claims, and credit insurance services, makes them a perfect match. CCN Group will secure service levels and develop the company’s potential in its various segments. It’s important to note that Germany remains a market of strategic interest for APRIL Group in the fields of distribution of international private medical insurance and niche P&C insurance products”, says Mr. Fran?ois MOLLIER, Group Corporate Finance Director of APRIL.

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