What to do?

International Motor Insurance Card System. Standard procedure in case of a cross-border accident


Secure the accident site and, if possible, document it.


Are there any injured?
Yes: Call the emergency services; ex. 112 (Europe-wide emergency number) and obtain the police report* and/or medical report.
No: exchange personal, contact, and Green Card details with the other driver and fill in the European Accident Statement**


Report the accident to your insurer as soon as possible.


If accident was not your fault***, you can claim compensation from the national representative (in your country of residence) of the insurance company that covers the the person responsible for the accident OR submit the claim directly to your country’s compensation body.


The compensation body has then 3 months to offer compensation or reply

*Police should also be called in to the site, if parties involved cannot reach an agreement regarding the contents of the Statement, one of the drivers is not insured, or one of the drivers seems intoxicated.
**If more vehicles were involved, the Statement has to be completed for all vehicles involved.
***In some countries of the system, it is advised NOT to claim liability for the accident, as it is for the insurance company to determine.
Cross-country differences: number of reflective vests required, reflective triangles, time to report the accident to one’s insurer.

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