FlightClaimEU is hiring!

By CCN 6 years ago

Are you looking for work in a dynamically growing and exciting field? At FlightClaimEU we are looking for inspiring new colleagues to support us in our expanding flight compensation business. Be it full-time, part-time, or even flexible-basis responsibilities that you are looking for, we welcome you to be part of our mission to provide compensations and reimbursements to those who suffer flight disruptions.

We promise:
An aviation-related role where we tailor your responsibilities to your workstyle and preferences, which will inspire and motivate you to learn something new every day. Our welcoming team is young and international, as we offer our cross-border services in more than 10 countries. We are devoted to helping our clients obtain their compensations, and their gratitude makes the work fulfilling and rewarding. It is focused on highly organized work with a great level of communications skills, making it a perfect fit for your curriculum vitae.

What we look for:
We are looking for candidates who are quick learners, can follow guidance but are interested in providing their own input, and who have good multi-tasking abilities. If you feel you would be able to structure your tasks, keep on top of our dynamic and ever-changing workflows while remaining warm and customer friendly towards our valued customers, look no further as you would do well in our team.

Who we are:
FlightClaimEU started in 2016 as a European airline compensation claim services provider. By maintaining a swift, risk-free, no-hassle service we support travellers in exercising their passenger rights effectively, by ensuring that all their regulation covered disruptions entail reimbursements and compensations.

Find out more at www.flightclaimeu.com

We look forward to receiving your curriculum vitae (CV) along with a short motivation letter (not exceeding one A4 page) and getting to know you.
Please reach out to us via: office@flightclaimeu.com

FlightClaimEU provides a seamless, intuitive experience for submitting a compensation claim by customers online (24/7). Whether it’s an EU-wide airplane carrier or a local one, people searching for online flight claims applications on their phone or computer can experience a ‘Fast-Easy-Simple’ way — all in as little as 5 minutes. And when customers have registered once, they can immediately submit their next flight claim and select the appropriate airline carrier. They can add additional information or documents online or over the phone through one of the claims attendants. Nowhere is customer engagement more important than in the (flight) claims area. So what do claimants want? Here claims registration represent the moment of truth, because the speed of the airline carrier’s response is critical to satisfy the desire customers have to obtain instant information on a variety of channels. The ability to provide this new level of flight claims performance impacts the value being created to customers from all demographics. “Customers expect to be able to register their flight claim instantly without navigating a phone tree. “They expect to be able to send in a photo of their ticket and boarding pass to the airline carrier immediately after their initial registration.” For more info visit www.flightclaimeu.com and/or www.claimscorpnetwork.com

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