sicher & solvent: Income Protection, Ancillary Revenues and Customer Retention

By CCN 2 months ago

The latest offering from CCN, “sicher & solvent IncomeProtection,” helps businesses secure additional income and retain customers in challenging times. By integrating this solution into sales processes, companies can effortlessly boost revenues and ensure customer loyalty. Stay ahead of the curve with CCN’s tailored services designed to meet your evolving needs.

CCN, through its Munich branch CCN Insurance Services, continues to expand its presence in the German market without slowing down. Following the successful launch of International Health Care EU expat international health insurance consultancy solutions at the end of last year, CCN Group is now enhancing its services with FlyPax flight disruption insurance solutions and soon-to-be-introduced income protection insurance solutions.

“sicher & solvent income protection” is the latest service offering from CCN for B2Bs, designed to address the current business challenges faced by companies. With margins decreasing, customer uncertainty on the rise, and a decline in business transactions, it has become more crucial than ever to secure additional income and retain customers.

Implementing this income protection solution into your sales processes is simple and effective. By doing so, you can not only generate additional revenues effortlessly but also ensure customer retention. Through targeted sales activities focused on this service, there is a significant opportunity for you to boost your revenue streams.

In a time where economic uncertainties prevail, “sicher & solvent income protection” provides a timely and essential solution for businesses looking to safeguard their financial stability and maintain customer loyalty. Stay ahead of the curve with CCN’s innovative services tailored to meet your evolving needs.

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