CCN presents … CCN Advisory Service

By CCN 5 years ago

So, what about …digitalization, fraud detection, GDPR, blockchain, millennials, Internet of Things, 24/7 service, innovation, Big Data, telematics, disruptions, trends, data security, E-commerce, online service, risk management… ?

Challenging? Of course!

The world is changing rapidly, and so are client expectations. How do you exactly keep up with the leading players like Amazon, Apple, Uber, Airbnb..?

For years CCN has offered claims, legal and administrative services to international (re)insurers, captives, brokers, fleet owners, governments and enterprises, with the ambition to truly innovate and develop service concepts effectively coping with present-day challenges. Noticing continuously how difficult it is to meet the demands of these changing markets, CCN started to collect and evaluate these experiences. As a result, CCN Advisory Service originated with the sole objective to advice and support companies in coping with a rapidly changing environment… and foremost: in making a doable start!  

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