CCN To Support Fraud Detection and Subrogation Initiatives!

By CCN 4 years ago

Claims Corporation Network (CCN) and eviid have entered into a partnership in order to support insurance companies and fleet-owners with a capability to reduce bogus (false), or unsubstantiated claims through the use of real time digital imagery allowing detection of manipulated digital media.

Collated statistics now show that the vast majority of policyholders who are unwilling to digitally register their claim of loss, theft or damage at FNOL (FNOL – first notice of loss), go on to withdraw or refrain from submitting more evidence when asked to provide digital evidence via video or photo. These unsupported, aborted claims lead to direct savings for the insurer. In cases where digital images are sent, the claim cycle is considerably shortened, and business operations move to higher efficiencies. eviid is seamlessly integrated into the CCN i-Report tool and can be used in the FNOL phase and during claims adjuster investigations.

The video evidence applications enable companies from a variety of industries to capture, validate, share and access videos, recorded live streams and photos quickly and easily. In this way, users can share information directly from their location, in one tamper-resistant package. The proprietary technology converts imagery created with a smart device into reliable, verifiable evidence that can be used for litigation, damages and compliance cases.

CCN will also use the technology to identify more quickly and accurately those claims appropriate for subrogation recovery. All this is possible thanks to absolute data protection that has been specially developed for insurance, facility management, security and infrastructure.

Applying the CCN i-Report tool including the eviid video evidence application will deliver insurance carriers and fleet-owners improved control on reported claims and presents a valuable opportunity to embrace the new digital world that can deliver significant benefits.

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CCN and eviid share an unprecedented focus on customer experience improvement and radical cost savings, that gives the parties the opportunity to work together as outstanding business partners. Both parties embrace the changes in client demand and rapid IT innovation, which their business models and customer service fully reflects.

“eviid’s solutions guarantee faster claims settlement and better results, while demonstrably increasing operational efficiency, cost savings, ad less customer effort throughout the entire claim chain. This perfectly fits CCN’s value added service offerings towards her clients.” -Cees Werff, CEO & founder of CCN

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