“Insurance is a beautiful thing” FRISS just launched their new campaign

By CCN 4 years ago

CCN and FRISS have been partners for years now and the new campaign once again shows that both companies share the same mentality. Going in line with the global technological progress and keeping up with the transnational exchange of goods and advancements, both companies feel the need to spread the word that the insurance sector is alive and blooming.

The main goal of this campaign is to make people feel proud about the insurance industry again. FRISS launched the campaign after observing low appreciation levels in the insurance market. CCN absolutely agrees with the ideas of FRISS regarding the beautiful side of the insurance market – it is not boring at all!

A study conducted by the Insurance Information Institute (VS) concluded that 48% of the research participants would rather not have one of their loved ones choose to work at an insurance company. Especially people who belong to the generation Y, who spend more time online, do not have positive experiences regarding insurance companies.

The campaign aims to remind everyone about the importance of insurance. The most amazing things in life are exclusively possible because of good insurance. Having good insurance gives an opportunity to take risks and the workers of the insurance sector can be (and are) proud of that. Without right insurance, people would not be able to travel the world, drive a car or buy their own house. That is why insurance should be perceived as an exciting area and this kind of attitude must be spread worldwide.

Insurance products are purchased in order to avoid unwanted consequences after experiencing any accidents that cause damage. In case of casualty, people expect their claim to be handled with great care. This is where CCN comes into play as the company offers a high quality claims handling expertise. The foundation of CCN is based on the ambition to truly innovate customer service concepts while helping companies overcome their challenges. “Your claim, our care” is the motto of the company: as soon as you hand over your claim to the experts at CCN, you can sit back and relax until the compensation comes (back) to your bank account!