Flight Compensation

By CCN 9 months ago

All passengers travelling FROM an EU /UK based airport OR by EU/UK based airline have rights in case of disruption. The E.U. law 261/2004 is popular and generous, meanwhile US passengers are left on the receiving end of unreliable air transport practices. With this in mind the Biden administration has set up plans to develop EC261-style rules in the US is a welcome and much needed step.

According to EU law (that the UK preserved even after BREXIT) a flight delayed by more than 3 hours at the point of the final destination is considered cancelled and each passenger is entitled to compensation up to 600 Euros. The compensation is determined by the flight distance, not ticket price.

Airlines can contest payments by arguing a disruption was caused by extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, strike action by air traffic controllers or “an out of the ordinary” cause such as bird strike or lightning. European courts however continue to narrow the definition of “extraordinary.” so that the latest decision ruled that even the death of a pilot does not get an airline out of reimbursing customers for a delay.

Europe’s legislation has changed how airlines schedule flights, “with particular focus now on arrival punctuality”. Still, as air travel booms, flight data shows delays and cancellations to be a growing issue.

This is why US President, J.Biden’s plan would require cash refunds for significant delays or cancellations, also travellers to be  compensated for meals, hotels, ground transport and rebooking fees. U.S. based carriers don’t currently have to offer cash compensation for delays or cancellations, but only to passengers who are being denied boarding.

“You deserve to be fully compensated. Your time matters. The impact on your life matters. That is enough ” J.Biden , said.

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