Flight Disruption Insurance Solution: FlyPax

By CCN 5 months ago

Are you tired of dealing with flight disruptions and unexpected travel challenges? Look no further than FlyPax, the comprehensive flight disruption insurance solution from CCN. With coverage for delays, cancellations, missed connections, denied boarding, and class downgrade situations, FlyPax is designed to provide peace of mind and support to travellers when they need it most.

CCN is proud to introduce FlyPax, a comprehensive flight disruption insurance solution designed to assist travellers in case of flight disruptions caused by the airline. This new service will soon be available to provide peace of mind and support to passengers facing unexpected travel challenges.

FlyPax covers a range of flight disruptions, including flight delays of more than 3 hours, flight cancellations reported less than 14 days before departure, missed connections resulting in a delay of at least 3 hours for the entire trip, denied boarding for passengers with confirmed reservations, and class downgrade situations where passengers fly in a lower class than paid for.

With FlyPax, travellers can rest assured that they will be taken care of in the event of unforeseen circumstances affecting their journey. CCN is committed to providing efficient and simple assistance to help passengers receive compensation payments and cost reimbursements when their travel plans do not go as expected.

This new insurance solution from CCN is just one example of how the company continues to expand its range of services to better serve its customers. As CCN increases the number of services it offers day by day, travellers can rely on FlyPax to make their flying experience more secure and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more information on how FlyPax can help you “Fly Assured” on your next trip.

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