CCN and Airbnb partner up!

By CCN 6 years ago

The foundation of CCN is based on acknowledging and embracing the modern world we live in today. This includes embracing internationality, which has been part of CCN’s philosophy, ambition and strategy since the beginning. With market coverage in 34 countries (and still expanding) CCN has clearly illustrated this.

This internationality, even with modern means of communication, means travelling around the world. Now, together with Airbnb for Work, CCN is able to offer all employees and partners in 34 countries fast and qualitative accommodation options when travelling for work. Again, a strong and international cooperation initiative by CCN!

“Since we are expanding cross-border and employee and partner numbers are growing, this is a logical step for us. Moreover, an innovative party like Airbnb shares a modern mentality required in these rapidly developing times!” –Cees Werff, CEO CCN

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