Special offer by CCN: Limitation periods for Motor Third-Party Liability in all European countries

By CCN 6 years ago

Cross-border road traffic accidents of insured drivers position insurers and their representatives in a challenging and complex area of local, legal specificities. Having local expertise in place is therefore crucial to fully understand each country’s local rules and regulations.

One particular area presenting large variations across Europe is the period within which an insurer or representative can claim a recovery of (repair) costs from a third-party at fault. This period is referred to as the limitation period.

CCN has developed a unique document which provides a full overview of the limitation periods for Motor Third-Party Liability for all countries in Europe.

Limitation periods for exercising individual rights in Europe’s local legal systems in the case of cross-border road traffic accidents differ widely. Ranging from 1 year (in Spain) to 10 years (in Sweden), insurers or representatives will need to act accordingly in order to prevent expiry of the claim for recovery.

Rules on limitation periods differ not only in terms of length of time. In fact, they vary within each country with regard to the beginning of a limitation period, the procedural requirements for stopping the running of a limitation period, and application to minors and disabled persons.

In case you are interested to receive the full document, please send an email to k.birkhoff@claimscorpnetwork.com.



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