Insurance Innovations Day 2017

By CCN 6 years ago

On the 20th and 21st of September 2017, Claims Corporations Network (CCN) had its presence during the Insurance Innovations Day 2017 in Vienna. During this event, several speakers shared their view on disruptive technologies and their role in the insurance industry these days. During his introduction, CCN’s CEO, Cees Werff, presented several examples of (non-insurance) companies that have managed to develop their core business building on these disruptive technologies. With this introduction, he immediately captured the attention of the audience. Thereafter, he placed CCN in the same framework, emphasising the strength of its core business and used technologies. In the end, a discussion with interesting views from different perspectives emerged.

To conclude, Werff was seated in a jury that judged different insurance-tech start-ups based on their pitches. By doing this, CCN shows it societal involvement to reach higher standards in its own industry. It highly valuates disrupting technologies and always looks for interesting opportunities to implement these in its services.

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