CCN broadens the scope of activities with ‘CCN Survey’

By CCN 3 years ago

CCN’s network has always offered its loyal clients a fast and simple tool for setting up surveys all over Europe. Conveniently, there would always be one central point of contact, from where the surveys would be coordinated and settled. This means keeping one direct line of contact during the entire survey cycle, offering a very smooth customer experience for these often urgent requests. Due to the increasing demand for surveys all over Europe, CCN now decided to continue this successful service under an official CCN brand: ‘CCN Survey’.

This results in CCN opening its doors for survey requests outside of the established client network. Hence, from now on, case by case requests can be submitted to CCN on a 24/7 basis. After entering a simple request on the website (Request a survey – CCN (, CCN will swiftly provide a price quotation, ready to be accepted. The whole process is fully digital and only requires presenting some basic details. CCN offers the coordination of the whole process in English, French, German, Danish, Polish, Romanian and Dutch.

This newly systematized service is a next step in CCN’s strategy to strengthen its European activities for insurers, brokers and fleetowners in offering fast and easy digital services.

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